About us

Swedish Geological AB provides solutions for the sustainable use of minerals, water and other natural resources. SGAB’s experience and expertise is built on three decades of successfully executed multi-disciplinary projects in diverse socioeconomic, geological and climatic contexts in more than 40 countries around the world. The firm has its roots in the Geological Survey of Sweden while today, SGAB is part of the MS Group and can thereby draw upon a range of know-how complementing our in-house expertise.

In Sweden, we are engaged in projects related to geological exploration, permitting processes, and environmental and impact assessments. We pride ourselves in being innovative, and we have been a pioneer company in introducing the methodologies of Social Impact Assessments in natural resource related projects including concerns related to Sami reindeer herding cooperatives, and in using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for conducting geophysical surveys.

Internationally, we are engaged by governments and development partners to lead projects for strengthening and restructuring the mining sector in countries in which the mineral potential is not well utilized, or where mineral sector performance improvements are required.

SGAB’s services are carried out by a core group of in-house experts, supported by a network of closely associated experts from other consultancy companies and research institutions. Our assignments commonly include specialists from a variety of disciplines; geoscientists, engineers, social experts, mineral economists, legal experts, health experts and environmental scientists.

Our clients include the World Bank, regional development banks, the European Development Fund, the UN, bilateral organizations, national authorities, and private exploration and mining companies.

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